Saturday, 3 December 2011

Are you Planning to Own a Bullet ?

Somebody said, if you are evaluating your options of buying a Bullet or a sports bike like Pulsar, then you should buy Pulsar, as the one who thinks of buying a bullet does not think of anything else.

Bullet is the ultimate King of Road. Its heavy metal frame (~200kgs), 500 cc displacement, 27 bhp power, classy looks, pick up beats everything else. Practical evidence to this can be found in the most sought after destination in the entire World - The Himalayas. As you go up there you will find more and more people enjoying on best of the best scenic road.

So, what are the broad options in Bullet: Bullet 500cc (good for riding at very high attitudes and tough terrains), Bullet 350cc (best for city traffic and medium altitude), Thunderbird 350cc (amazingly comfortable on long drives).
                                                       Both 500 & 350 cc are available in Classic variant - it has the same look as the first World War Bikes. At present in India, it is available on 2-3 months booking time. Recently the company introduces 2 more colours - Desert Storm & Battle Green.

It can give you driving experience for a full life time if you love it and maintain well. If you can fix on a single good mechanic and maintain some relationship with him then it will make your ride that much smoother. I've fix on a mechanic called Raju. He has given me 300% more benefit than its cost (tip of 100 Rs  per visit) - sometimes he fills the oil level / change spare part for free / do oiling etc.

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