Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hot Sulpur Springs

It is difficult to imagine that there exists something like a Hot Sulphur Spring very near to a cosmopolitan city like Delhi / Gurgaon.

Sohna is a small town, nearly 33 km away from Rajeev Chowk, Gurgaon. If you are coming from Delhi to Gurgaon then take a left at Rajeev Chowk. The road is called Sohna Road. It is a bumpy ride for 5 kms, post that it is as good as NH8.

Just after entering Sohna take a right turn, ask for Shiv Kund (a temple in which Springs exits). Narrow street roads gives a flavour of old times. Shops are small but literally every household item is available.  Ask directions at every joint - people are very helpful.

On reaching Shiv Kund check in at the information counter. You can have a exclusive big room with spring water for as low as Rs 25. Next grade is to share it with other people - Rs 2. And finally an open area to bath - for free of cost. Water is HOT and rich in SULPHUR, and is said to have medicinal properties that are good for Joints & Skin.

Only issue is that few years back the water came naturally and with a great speed, but now due to illegal construction / mining the flow has reduced much.

None the less, few things in this World can beat a Ride with Hot Spring Bath. So Enjoy!