Monday, 5 December 2011

Drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls

We went from Toronto to Niagara in a Tourist bus. It is around 75 miles / 120 km and takes about 2 hours to reach. The road is smooth & well maintain.

On our way we took a break for wine tasting in  a small winery - staff was courteous and explained us the entire process followed in making wine. Whistler is famous for its ice wine that is very sweet in taste. It is normally taken as a post dinner desert.

Comes Niagara. Technically speaking, there are basically 2 falls, first come the American Falls (as the name suggests it is in USA), and then comes Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The Horseshoe Falls is the bigger one with 167 ft high and throwing water at 23 lacs litre per second. An interesting fact is that nearly 20% of the World's freshwater lies in the Great Lakes, and mostly flows over Niagara Falls.

Best months to travel are June, July and August - of course as water flow is at its peak. There are 3 main things that one should definitely do in Niagara:
  • Maid of the Mist Boat Tour. Wear a plastic coat (provided free) and get into a powerful boat (ground +1). Try and get a place in font of the boat on the first floor i.e in where the driver cabin is. First it will take you to the American falls where you will experience getting wet by small droplets of water. As you move forward to the main and more beautiful Horseshoe Falls, the density of water droplets will increase. There will be tremendous sound of falling water, blowing wind with water and then one realises the power of nature (and the power of boat as well)

  • Journey Behind the Falls. Elevator at street level takes you down to an observatory (for side view) and a 46 m long tunnel (for literally behind the falls).  Again a full body plastic cover is give (free).
  • Falls at Night. What changes in night is light - instead of sun light, falls baths in 7 different lights. Of course, sounds remain the same :) 

You can also try (if you have time) Cave of the winds (on Goat Island for a spectacular view of upper Niagara river) and a walk over Rainbow bridge.

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